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Anastasia Alexandrova, Ph.D. (2007-2008), postdoctoral fellow, Russian Federation
Peter Babiak, Ph.D. (2007-2008), postdoctoral fellow, Slovakia
Ilona Maratová (2008-2009), lab technician, Czechia
Prabhakar Cherkupally (2008-2012), Ph.D. student, India
Pavel Weber (2008-2009), student, Czechia
Katarina Hlat-Glembová (2008-2009), student, Slovakia
Matouš Lískovec (2008-2009), student, Czechia
Tomáš Bezděk (2008-2010), student, Czechia
Stanislav Opekar (2009-2014), Ph.D. student, Czechia
Yana Chernykh (2009-2014), Ph.D. student, Russian Federation
Anton Slazhnev (2009-2011), Ph.D. student, Russian Federation
Tereza Pastýříková (2010-2013), student, Czechia
Georgii Iakobson (2010-2015), Ph.D. student, Russian Federation
Norbert Vida (2012-2015), Ph.D. student, Slovakia
Bronislav Jurásek (2013-2015), student, Czechia
Manoj Sonawane, Ph.D. (2014-2015), postdoctoral fellow, India
Peter Hájek (2015), student, Slovakia
David W. Manley, Ph.D. (2014-2016), postdoctoral fellow, Ireland
Alena Budinská (2014-2017), student, Czechia
Mickael Muselli, Ph.D. (2016-2017), postdoctoral fellow, France
Igor Putovný (2015-2017), student, Slovakia
Jiří Václavík (2013-2018), Ph.D. student, Czechia
Jan Šugar (2017-2018), student, Czechia
Dominik Täffner (2018), Erasmus student, Germany
Javier Ajenjo (2014-2019) Ph.D. student, Spain
Zsofia E. Blastik (2014-2019) Ph.D. student, Hungary
Iveta Klimánková (2015-2020), Ph.D. student, Czechia